Polymorphism in the Database: Lift and Mongo

There are a number of reasons I love Lift. I was thinking through some architectural changes that are coming with Anchor Tab soon and I realized that the integration between Lift (the web framework), lift-json (the JSON parsing library), and MongoDB are is pretty sweet. Let’s say that you’re working on a pet-themed website and you need to store information about some cats and dogs. You would probably define something similar to the following data model.

Cross-Domain AJAX Requests in Lift

Today we locked down user authentication on Anchor Tab to be SSL-only (unless I’ve severely screwed something up). As a few of you already know, I’m building Anchor Tab using the Lift Web Framework. I was first introduced to Lift at OpenStudy, and I love it. I actually was recently nominated and made a committer on the project and, although Anchor Tab has prevented me from making any significant code contributions just yet, I’m looking forward to doing so once we get our MVP out the door and we’re in data collection mode for a few weeks.