Continuous Deployment: A Lesson in Masochism

I’ve determined over the past few weeks that the statement “deployment is hard” should be the nominated as the understatement of the century. I’ve spent a large number of hours over the preceding weeks getting our continuous deployment setup at Kevy functional. We actually started out pretty simple by implementing a basic deployment of master as it passed unit tests. Then we decided to get ambitious and implement something similar to the GitHub deployment process using our Hubot, Siri.

Cutting My Teeth on the Gemstone

After living in a type-safe world for the last year, it’s strange to come back to languages like Ruby that are duck typed and then try to be productive. So many safety nets that you can take for granted in a type-strong language just aren’t there – and it’s considered a feature of the language. While I will admit that the immediate benefit to my battery life I enjoy by not running the Scala compiler constantly is nice, Ruby – in all it’s duck-like goodness – is still going to take a good bit of getting used to. It’s going to take a lot of hammering against brick walls of the language to get to where my preferred design patterns are first nature. Today was an exercise in that.