I’ve got a love/hate/love relationship with speaking. I love to agree to speak, hate the preparation process, and always love that I did it after the fact.

Upcoming speaking

None at the moment. =)

Past speaking

Linting Level Up: Success with Repolinter at Mailchimp
Mailchimp Tech Talk (internal) • November 22, 2019

Mailchimp Tech Talk (internal) • November 2, 2018

Streaming Data at Scale with Apache Kafka
ACM Atlanta • March 13, 2018

Testing at Stream-Scale
All Things Open 2017 • October 24, 2017

Introduction to Clojure
Mailchimp Night School (Internal) • June 28, 2017

The Case for the Cutting-Edge
NE Scala 2016 • March 5, 2016

Building Your Web Application Muscles with Lift
Atlanta Scala Users Group • May 6th, 2015
SlidesExample Project

An Introduction to Scala and Lift
Developers of Athens • August 5th, 2014

Ask me to speak

I’m always looking for new speaking opportunities at events and conferences. I strongly prefer to speak at events that can demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion. Feel free to drop me a line using the form below.

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