Making the Case for the Cutting Edge at LambdaConf 2015

Ed Node (2020-10-02): Since I wrote this post Lambda Conf was involved in a pretty public debate about whether or not to deplatform someone who alledgedly professed views sympathetic to white supremicy. That occurred in 2016. While I have no plans to attend Lambda Conf again because of the bad taste that left in my mouth, the 2015 conference was my first ever conference talk and was significant. I’m leaving this post up, with this note, in acknowledgement of that.

Excluding Components from an Aggregate SBT Build

While working on upgrading Databinder Dispatch’s liftjson module to use Lift 2.6 I ran into an interesting challenge that Nathan, the project’s maintainer, hadn’t found a good solution to yet. Specifically, here’s the situation: Dispatch is built for a bunch of Scala versions. The liftjson module won’t build on Scala 2.9.3 because we (the Lift Committers) never issued a build of Lift for 2.9.3.

Thinking About Tests

I’ve been thinking a lot about tests lately. The automated, software development kind, not the school kind. I’ve been thinking a lot about tests because I’ve realized that my thinking about them has been broken. Specifically, around how to test Lift web applications. Something that I’ve had to come to terms with is that my schooling and experience up until a few years ago did a horrible job of educating me regarding when tests are needed and why.