Thinking About Tests

I’ve been thinking a lot about tests lately. The automated, software development kind, not the school kind. I’ve been thinking a lot about tests because I’ve realized that my thinking about them has been broken. Specifically, around how to test Lift web applications. Something that I’ve had to come to terms with is that my schooling and experience up until a few years ago did a horrible job of educating me regarding when tests are needed and why.

To: Sen. Isakson / Re: Net Neutrality

I wrote an email asking Senator Isakson to support the FCCs moves to help control the abuses of companies like Comcast on the internet. I got a canned response (no surprise), and tried to reply to that only to find that the email address that Isakson’s staff sends emails from isn’t a real email address. There’s no way for me to actually have a conversation with someone from his office about this issue.