All the Life Changes. At Once.

I suspect that October and November 2015 will go down in the record books. I seem to have happened upon several life changes all at once. The first, and biggest of which being getting engaged. Truthfully, if you told me at this point last year I’d be writing that sentence today I would have had a good laugh at you. Secondary to that, I left my role at Elemica at the end of October and on Monday I’m starting a new position slinging code for Domino Data Lab.

Thoughts on Empathy in Engineering

I’ve become more and more aware recently of the importance of empathy in how I do my job. Which, in some ways, is a bit comical because if you were to list some adjectives to describe the classic stereotype of the software engineer you likely wouldn’t mention “empathetic” in that list. I don’t know that I would either. But, nonetheless, empathy for my users – understanding them – is increasingly important for what I do.