Georgia House Bill 907

At the end of January, Creative Loafing published an article talking about taxi companies who were unhappy that Uber and Lyft are able to skirt around requirements that taxi companies have been required to adhere to for years (“Atlanta’s taxi industry declares war on Uber, Lyft”). At the start of February, House Bill 907 was introduced in the State House of Representatives. Ultimately, this bill would require Uber, Lyft, and other similar services to be party to the same broken medallion system that, in my opinion, is broken.

ISO 8601, Date.js, IE8, and You

This week I had the particular displeasure of working with Date parsing algorithms across browsers. The internet, in general, has pretty much settled on ISO 8601 and variations thereof as the standard formats for representing date / time information. For example, the W3C specifies a subset of 8601 as the official date/time format in the HTML5 specification and for the datetime attribute of the time element.