RFC: An API for the Georgia General Assembly

In the internet technology world, a Request for Comments (RFC) is a memorandum issued to by the Internet Engineering Task Force for peer review and generally are the framework from which a discussion about a new internet standard starts. In this same tradition, I’m reaching out to the internet to request comments on a fun little side project I’m working on: An API for the activities of the Georgia General Assembly.

When a Chrome Bug Kills Your Product

Update: In what is a lesson of “I should probably reach out for help sooner,” a commenter on the Hacker News thread correctly found that the issue was a text-indent rule we have on the Anchor Tab stamp. Go figure. I’ve removed the rule from the CSS, but what with the awesomeness that is caches it’ll take awhile to show up everywhere. I don’t know why my previous adding/removing of elements on the bar didn’t find that, but c’est la vie.