Hexplanation Humpday: Software Patents

Greetings one, greetings all. Yes, I am reviving the Hexplanation Humpday series here on Farmdawg Nation. For how long, we’ll see. As I’ve mentioned previously, the whole blogging regularly thing hasn’t been happening as much as I would like, but I continue to attempt to restore the habit with my latest toys. So, now that you’ve undoubtedly busted out the champagne and had a few tears of joy at the return of this historic series of blogging history, let’s get down to business. Today’s topic, unlike those of past Hexplanation Humpdays, is much less technical in nature. Instead, I wanted to take some time today to discuss something that, quite frankly, bugs me a lot: software patents. I’ve written numerous times on lawsuits that stem from these patents, and taken many an occasion to openly mock the ludicrous nature of these software patents on Twitter. Yet, I have realized that I haven’t seen many good non-technical explanations of this topic. So, naturally, I’ve decided to try my hand at explaining it and see where I land.

WAT Chronicles: JS: Arrays and the + Operator

I’m starting this category on my blog to detail some of the many fun things that I learn at work. I was inspired to share these things by the WAT Lightening Talk I saw awhile back. Today’s lesson: Javascript doesn’t do well when you combine array with the plus operator. Awhile back I was working on a bug that required me to iterate over an array of users on a particular question. Well, we have two arrays – one for people who are replying and one for people who aren’t. So, I did something like this.